Hilary Tallen

Why is Myfbdownloader.com a crucial tool for online Instagram experts? Attention: psychologists, fitness trainers, coaches, etc.

Do many of your colleagues already have social media accounts, but you can't make up your mind? Have you started an Instagram or Facebook account but soon abandoned it because it was unclear how to develop it and where to get really cool and viral content?

In this article, we are opening up one atypical way to get content for your expert Facebook blog, or any social media expert blog. We’re going to reuse content that is published on Facebook, to post it on your blog for a variety of purposes.

How to use Myfbdownloader.com for your expert blog

If you are an expert in some field, then you can use the content of ordinary Instagram or Facebook users to illustrate your arguments, your point of view, etc. Among the ways of using other users' content, the most interesting is using Facebook videos to create your own unique, exciting and useful content. Facebook downloader will help with this.

cool and viral content

  • If you are a fitness trainer, you can download videos of other famous trainers around the world to show your users samples of how to perform a particular exercise with an example.
  • If you are a psychologist, you can download videos of famous people, situations, films, or real conversations to illustrate this or that phenomenon in psychology in order to give your ideas the greatest clarity and impact.
  • If you are a business coach, for example, then you can use videos downloaded from the Facebook of famous people or politicians, or excerpts from their interviews, in order to show your point of view and to show the different personalities or attitudes of people who are worth following and emulating.

Times have changed, and now a personal brand is relevant for doctors, copywriters, and confectioners alike. And Instagram is one of the platforms where a personal brand can be developed and monetized. This is a social network with very close social ties. Here people come to interact with people. Let’s agree, it is much more pleasant to get a business consultation from (example) Laura Dusk than from a company like (example) “Golden Flower”. And who would you rather order a fitness course from? Do you have a master whose online life you watch every day or an account that followed you yesterday?

Facebook downloader can help you to show that you’re a better expert

Today, Facebook and Instagram are full of an abundance of products that business account owners offer to their followers. But before you buy something, you need to understand what level of the blogger is in front of you: an expert or a lifestyle blogger.

Facebook downloader

Lifestyle pages captivate the audience with stories from the life of the author, who shares useful experiences with readers, but is not a professional in any field. Usually, such bloggers produce a simple and cheap product that will be useful to almost everyone. For example, the collection "100 best exercises for your butt." Such accounts are characterized by many followers and frequent use of activities that attract a new audience to increase sales.

“If you think that only artists and politicians need a personal brand, you are stuck in the past.”

Experts are specialists in any field (most often in the service sector), for example, lawyers, psychologists, realtors, or IT managers. Usually, their profiles are designed for an audience that needs a professional opinion or a high-quality service.

In any field, the issue of expertise is always acute, and unfortunately, there are very few competent specialists nowadays. By applying a nontypical way of reusing Facebook content, you can stand out among your competitors as your content becomes more unique and viral than typical posts about your topic.

How to use Facebook video downloader to make next-level expert content

  1. Find a Facebook video you’d like to comment on, edit, and reuse on your account.
  2. Copy a link to the video.
  3. Paste the link into myfbdownloader.com.
  4. Download the video in the best quality to reuse it in your feed.

expert blog on Facebook

Content in an expert blog on Facebook or Instagram

And now the most important thing is what to write about. Your publications should be useful. You need to share the unique knowledge, unique information, and not make posts for the sake of the posts themselves. Share what is of value to your audience. Write about what the reader cares about, not about what you want to write about.

Video is a kind of content on Facebook and Instagram expert blogs

If you have a beauty coaching blog, make sure that the girls find information about the latest cosmetic innovations from you – always check all videos from big beauty companies, and download them to show on your account.

If you are a fitness coach, help the audience understand the harmfulness of sweets and tell them how best to prepare for a celebration with great healthy recipe videos, found and downloaded from Facebook.

Just avoid the obvious recommendations that everyone knows themselves. Share your experience, because no one knows your product or service better than you. Talk about what others keep secret. Trusting your followers will strengthen your credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

Remember that the new ranking system on Facebook and Instagram works great for those who make high-quality content. If you collect views, likes, and comments, your post or video will be shown to the friends of your followers. This way you will be able to attract an additional audience.