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How to use Facebook content on Instagram (+ download FB video in the best quality)

Many Facebook bloggers have a desire to keep company pages on all social networks at once. Especially on Instagram. So they use FB video download to get high-quality content on one social media to post in the other. This desire is quite understandable: small and medium-sized businesses often believe that the more social networks they capture, the greater the number of customers and, accordingly, earnings.

This approach really works, but only on one condition: if you download FB video in the great quality, if the content is adapted for each site separately, and no cross-posting is done. That is the content must not just be duplicated, but also supplemented and improved — not just a screenshot or a screenshot of a video of terrible quality.

Why can't you just repost your own content but download/save video FB from other users to use on Instagram?

When followers see the same content on all sites of the same brand, it's unprofessional and boring. If a company creates content adapted to each online platform, then users also see that the brand is serious about maintaining social networks — and this is a significant plus for the company's image.

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Therefore, it is the time to start downloading other accounts content from Facebook to Instagram, to save old videos from your account to use them in your Instagram. And even better – download videos that fit your topic from other Facebook accounts and use them on your Instagram (with a note of authorship, of course).

How to download FB video and use it on Instagram?

  • Find videos that will go viral on Facebook and share them on Instagram.
  • Follow the trend.
  • Use relevant hashtags under each Facebook video posted on Instagram.
  • Use a good video editor to add something to a Facebook video or improve its colors for posting on Instagram.
  • Use popular music in videos.

Facebook has a “Save Video” option, but that's not what you should use if you want to download videos from Facebook. Fortunately, Myfbdownloader.com offers free downloads that you can use to get any video content in the best quality, namely save Video from Facebook to your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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One of the best video downloaders for Facebook is a web application like Myfbdownloader.com. Using this web service means that you don't need to download a program to your computer to use it. Just copy the link to the video you want to save and paste it into Myfbdownloader.com.

You can also use it to save videos directly to your phone or tablet.

By the way: You can copy a link to any video on Facebook by clicking Share button, oк three dots in the upper right corner of the post.

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Instagram – Facebook Audience

To choose the best videos from Facebook to use on Instagram to achieve a great reach with them, you need to know the difference between the audiences on these two platforms:

  • The Instagram audience is very spoiled with raffles and gifts — everyone wants to get a big prize for following.
  • Facebook's audience is more critical and conscious than Instagram.
  • On Instagram, almost every second person has a dream of becoming a blogger, and they have a goal to monetize their blog.

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  • Facebook doesn't count on this, and Facebook posts are not written for the purpose of attracting an audience — often they are just notes. People write for themselves as a personal memory. Or these are business proposals: “I'm looking for someone, please give me a referral, these are the conditions.” And you can even get a job through Facebook.
  • There is no artificial audience building on Facebook, there are no artificial likes, automation services or giveaways. Facebook's posts have dozens of times fewer likes than Instagram posts. The Facebook audience is more difficult to recruit; often bloggers who are successful on Instagram try to duplicate their success on Facebook, but they fail — the audience is not recruited.

What is the content adaptation of video downloaded from Facebook and used on Instagram?

  • Fitting to the rules of the social network (text volume, format, number and resolution of images, availability, and characteristics of videos, availability of surveys, and additional options).
  • Design and style in the form that users are used to on Instagram.
  • Changing texts: reducing the amount (squeezing) or vice versa, adding details to change the style to a more relaxed and entertaining one.