How to download videos from Facebook in 4K

​​In this article, I share my two simple and free methods to download videos from Facebook in the best quality.

free methods to download videos from Facebook

And let's start with the main thing – it is not possible to download videos from Facebook in 4K in 2022 in any way!

Why you can't download video from Facebook in the 4K quality

The maximum quality you can count on is that one in which the video was uploaded to Facebook by its author or publisher. Facebook, by the way, does not support quality higher than 1080p. Some videos have limitations up to 720p – when you try to download a video from Facebook as 1080p, or 4K the Facebook server will automatically convert it to 720. So obviously you can't download 4K video from Facebook.

download videos from Facebook

Even if you use myfbdownloader for saving Facebook video in 4K — it will be in a maximum of 1020p quality. Even though this service gets a video right from the Facebook server.

I miss the time when Facebook download was simple

When social networks were young, and browsers were not the most functional, the answer to the question "how to download a video from Facebook" didn't even need Google searching. We could just right–click on any video and select "Save as …".

But now, due to copyright issues all simple ways to get videos from social networks have been blocked. The only remaining option is to use the third-party software like myFBdownloader, or any other.

Why Facebook video download is restricted?

Unfortunately, Facebook is not interested in downloading videos from its platform, since the social network can't control the number of reproductions. So how to download videos from Facebook in 2022?

If we want to save any of the videos that we find funny, useful, worth downloading or sharing on other social networks and we want to share them with other people who don't use the social network, we have two options:

  • Third-party service
  • Facebook code

A third-party service for downloading FB video

We can download Facebook video to computer, or smartphone through various apps. Not all applications allow you to do this, but we will show you one of the possible ones. And this one it does not require any download or installation at all.

MyFBdownloader is a web application that is available for use on this website, where you are reading this article.

Get a link to the video from Facebook, and paste into the search bar to download the Facebook video in the best quality possible.

You will need a browser with file download support for it. For example, the Chrome, Opera, Safari.

Step 1: Open the MyFBdownloader. If you can't find it, follow this link.

Step 2: Open the Facebook app or website and find the video you require. Click the Share button in the lower right corner, and then select Copy Link.

methods to download videos from Facebook

Step 3: Open the myFBdowloader and paste the link to an address bar.

Step 4: Click Download.

Step 5: In the menu that appears, select folder to Save Video as.

That's all, the video was saved to the folder you've chosen.

Facebook code for downloading videos (+download private Facebook videos)

Another way to download videos is viewing a Facebook page code with a setting that allows us to download videos directly from the Facebook app and without using third-party apps.

This method allows you to download videos without using third-party programs.

The plus of the method is also that it is possible to download private Facebook videos

in this way, which not all services can do. The main condition is that you must be a member of a closed group to be able to open the video with a separate link.

It may seem difficult for beginners, but this is only the first time.

Step 1: You need to open the video page and write m in the address bar instead of www. For example:


A mobile version of Facebook will open with this video.

Step 2: Right-click on any part of the screen and select "View code" in the menu.

how to download videos from Facebook

Step 3: In the panel that opens, click on the "Network" item, and select "Media" in it.

Step 4: We turn on the video, and after a few seconds, you can pause it. A link to the video will appear in the bottom panel in the "Name" column.

Step 5: Right-click on it, select Copy, then "Copy link address".

Step 6: Open a new browser tab and insert the received link into it. The video will open separately on a black background. You need to click on the 3 dots in the player and select "Download" from the menu.